# Xtra Framework 0.1.0 Relesed!

Finally! I decide to realese the 0.1.0. In this edition, we add a cache system based on file to support Xtra_Feed and Xtra_Db, then support gzip output buffer. And fixed many bugs. Engjoy the new Xtra Framework and you can download it here!
Last update on May 05, 2007 05:49

# Xtra Framework 0.1.0 beta Relesed!

The Xtra 0.1.0 beta is relesed now!In this version I fix some bugs and update the Xtra_Controller in order to support pathinfo and urlrewrite url mode. Also add Xtra_Feed, the you can fetch rss easily. Then the license of Xtra changes to LGPL. You can download Xtra here!
Last update on October 10, 2006 10:59

# Xtra Framework 0.1.0 alpha Relesed!

I am very glad to say that the first version of Xtra Framework has been released today! Please download at the porject page in sf.net.
Last update on September 08, 2006 08:42

# Big work at Xtra_Exception

The packet of Xtra_Exception needs to impove. I plan to setup three exception levels and if the Xtra runs in PHP5, I think it's better use PHP5's exception model.
Last update on September 03, 2006 13:51

# Xtra web site opened!

Congratulation! The web site of Xtra Framework has been opened today. The the first alpha release of Xtra Framework will be released in 7 days.
Last update on September 01, 2006 07:44